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Vitae Detox Retreat F.A.Q

FAQ's About the Vitae Detox Retreats and the One -on-One Retreats


Frequently asked questions

Our personal detox programs are tailored to suit your body’s requirements as assessed by our initial Health Analysis. Your program will be individually tailored to suit your health issues.

Our programs are designed so that you receive regular refreshments throughout the day, keeping fluid levels high and helping to keep hunger at bay. It is normal to have different sensations happening in your body and you could possibly experience feelings of hunger, especially for the first two days of a detox program when your system will be adjusting to a drop in calories. Drinking enough water during the day and in between the refreshments will also help to avoid hunger.

It is normal for energy levels to fluctuate during a detox program, often dropping to lower than normal for the first few days; this is due to the change in your body’s normal intake, a toxin-free diet and the initial symptoms of detoxification. Many people experience greater energy even after 12 hours and even increases in mental alertness.  If you are accustomed to consuming large amounts of caffeine, you may experience withdrawal symptoms like headaches, mental lethargy and sluggishness.

A number of detox reactions are common, including headaches, especially if withdrawing form caffeine, constipation, diarrhoea, body odour, bad breath, skin breakouts, light headedness, fatigue, muscular aches and mucous discharges. All of these are regular detox symptoms and are not a cause for concern. We offer simple remedies where appropriate.

Some people find the opposite happens and problems such as skin rashes or tonsillitis start to disappear within 12 to 36 hours.

Weight loss is a natural part of a detox program. Old waste that has been stored inside the colon is released over the course of the program along with many toxins; we can store a number of kilos of old faecal matter in our systems so when it is released we can feel a lot lighter as a result. The restricted diet means a reduction in calories from our usual daily intake, so over a period of a few days some weight loss is normal as the body adjusts itself to closer to its natural weight.

You may continue with your regular exercise regime while on a detox program. However, it is likely that you will need to modify the intensity of your practice to suit your energy levels. Our experienced teachers can help you to adapt your practice on a daily basis.

You can gain many benefits from completing a detox program including; an enhanced sense of well-being, increased energy and stamina, improved digestion and circulation, weight loss, improved skin condition, better moods, a boost to the immune system and improved quality of sleep.

Having spent time on a restricted, detoxifying dietary program, it is important that you transition to a normal diet in a safe way. It is important to introduce regular foods into your diet gradually to prevent side effects of incorrect transitioning such as abdominal bloating and cramps, gas and yeast infections. As part of your detox program you receive a detailed information pack with guidelines on how to transition from your detox to normal eating. For further assistance please contact Louise.

The one on one program can be created at a date and time that suits both you and Louise. It can be a midweek experience or you can do it over an extended weekend period.

Yes we have different types of accommodation. You can have your own double room all to yourself, or if on a budget then you can share with other people on the detox retreat.

In between your mealtimes, drinks, supplements and therapies you are free to do as you wish, however, it is important to bear in mind that your body needs a lot of rest while on a detox program so we advise that your free time is quiet time for contemplation and relaxation. We are situated in a tranquil and beautiful part of the peninsula which is perfect for your restoration and rejuvenation.

Detoxification is a normal body process of eliminating or neutralizing the toxins and other metabolites stemming from bio-chemical and metabolic functions within you, and removing them through the colon, liver, kidneys, lungs, lymph nodes, and skin.  Fasting, in the strict dietary sense is the complete abstinence from all substances except pure water, in an environment of total rest. In modern-day the definition has become more complicated as we often include modified fasting in the definition.  Modified fasting allows the addition of other items to the diet beside water, like juice or raw food. So the terms fasting, detoxing and cleansing are used interchangeably.

Over time toxins build up in the body as a result of the pollution in the air, the chemicals in our food and water supply, metabolic wastes/hormones from normal physiological functions, and other means. This build up often shows itself after putting stress and strain on bodily systems causing them to under-function and thus producing many of the symptoms you may be here to help remedy i.e. heartburn/indigestion, allergies, constipation/diarrhoea, headaches, low immunity, bloating, skin problems, bad breath, zero energy, inflammatory disorders, memory problems, fogginess, memory problems, sugar cravings, depression, weight gain, among others.

When fasting the body re-prioritizes its functioning as it no longer has to utilize the majority of its resources and energy on digestion and immunity, instead shifting this focus to amplify the repairing, restoring, rejuvenating and removal of toxins from the body, in much a similar way that when we are sick we lose the appetite for food to allow the body to pool its resources to combat the disease. So by speeding up the rate of normal toxin excretion or release and reducing the influx of new toxins into our bodies, it not only results in a overall reduction of total bodily toxicity, but also decreases healing time, cleanses the liver, kidneys and intestines, aids to purify your blood, aids to reduce excess weight & water, clears the brain & oxygenate the tissues, refreshes the breath and clears the eyes.

Type 1 Diabetes is a contraindication for our FULL FAST and JUICE CLEANSE  Programs.  The  Full “Fast” and Juice Cleanse are not recommended as they can be potentially very dangerous for insulin dependent diabetes. We do, however, offer a RAW CLEANSE program here at Vitae Detox Retreats which is not actually a fast but involves eating healthy raw foods and green smoothies, combined with bowel cleansing products (pysillium husk combined with bentonite clay), daily activities, massage and colonics. If you chose to go ahead with this program then I would strongly recommend getting clearance from your GP and closely monitoring your blood sugar levels throughout your stay.

We have many guests who come to our centre with high cholesterol and hypertension. In fact, many of them come to fast/detoxify specifically to help with these issues. An important body activity during a fast is greatly increased diuresis. Diuresis is the excretion by the kidneys of salt and water. Medical doctors give diuretic drugs to high blood pressure patients in order to decrease the amount of salt and water in the body, which will then result in lower blood pressure. Diuretic drugs, however, damage body tissues. While fasting, the body spontaneously and automatically eliminates salt and water without damaging body tissues. This diuresis is of tremendous health benefit.  Although fasting can drastically reduce high blood pressure for those suffering from hypertension, we never recommend that anybody stop taking their medication for this condition.

Fasting can also indirectly help with issues regarding high cholesterol as the whole process helps to clean the blood and liver, thereby improving the body’s ability to digest and break down fats and lipids. However, this is of course dependent on the commitment of the individual to make the necessary changes to their diet and lifestyle.

You should not stop taking any prescribed medication during a detox program. There are, however, special times to take the medication so it won’t be absorbed by the cleansing drinks that we give to you as part of the detox program.

We strongly recommend that you follow our RAW CLEANSE program if you are taking anti-depressants. We would never recommend that you stop taking any medication during a detox program, especially anti-depressants. There is however special times to take the medication so it will not be absorbed by the cleansing drink that we give to you. The detox process can be emotionally as well as physically demanding and it is good not to suppress those emotions but to use the additional therapists on offer to deal with any underlying issues. Please do be aware that although we do have our Detox Specialists around during the day, the program does not include 24hr supervision or patient counselling.

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